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Pond Vacuum II

Pond Vacuum II

In suction tests, Matala Pond Vac II is four times more powerful than its competition with a suction lift 5’ above water.

Also known as the “Muck Buster”, the vacuum easily removes algae, sludge, dead plants and leaves up to 3/8” in diameter.

The auto fill and drain cycles allow for water to fill the vacuum canister, then simply discharge water into garden beds or use the mesh bag to capture coarse debris before returning the water back into the pond. Safe for use in fish ponds and water gardens.

Item #
MAPV-II - Pond Vacuum II
$ 235.48
Odyssey Muck-Vac

Odyssey Muck-Vac

Muck Vac Cleaning System utilizes the laws of fluid dynamics simply with a standard garden hose. The Muck Vac is an easy and versatile vacuum cleaner for ponds and spas, etc. Muck Vac Cleaning System is...(click on product image for more details)