Koi Show Bowls

Koi Viewing Bowls

Koi Viewing Bowls

Display your prized koi like the pros. Sturdy 1/4" thick show bowls resist bending or warping for convenient transport. Bright, solid blue coloration provides contrast to help bring out the best koi coloration for viewing, photography, and judging.

Koi show bowls allow koi owners and judges convenient up close inspection of koi while reducing the potential for contamination or infection that can occur in a communal show tank.

Item #
Koi Viewing Bowl (47-in. x 23-in.)
C a l l
C a l l
Koi Viewing Bowl (42-in. x 20-in.)
C a l l
C a l l
Koi Viewing Bowl (26-in. x 12-in.)
$ 91.78

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