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TidalWave 2 Pond Pumps

TidalWave 2 Pond PumpsTidalWave 2 Pond Pumps

Tidal Wave 2 asynchronous pumps deliver professional-grade performance in a retail product. Perfect for pond and waterfall applications, these pumps deliver high-volumes with direct-drive performance and magnetic-drive efficiency. Colorful, informative packaging supports retail sales.

Tidal Wave 2 Series Features:

  • High efficiency in a compact size
  • Low maintenance and energy efficient
  • 2-year warranty (see terms & conditions)
  • Safe for fish, contains no oil
Item #
TW1200 - TidalWave2 Mag Drive Pump 1200 GPH
$ 164.06
TW1900 - TidalWave2 Mag Drive Pump 1900 GPH
$ 189.30
TW2400 - TidalWave2 Mag Drive Pump 2400 GPH
$ 214.54
TW3700 - TidalWave2 Mag Drive Pump 3700 GPH
$ 376.07
TW4800 - TidalWave2 Mag Drive Pump 4800 GPH
$ 413.93
TW6000 - TidalWave2 Mag Drive Pump 6000 GPH
$ 451.79

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