Aquabead Filters from GCTek

AquaBead Lower Head Filters from GCTek

AquaBead Lower Head  Filters from GCTek

This Behemoth will get the job done. An unbelievable 9.0 cu. ft. of beads in the AquaBead LH in a size of only 36" X 45". Remember when bead filters this size stood 10 ft. tall and needed a barn to hide them in? Almost anyone can find a space of 36" to fit one of these monster koi keepers in. Use on ponds up to 25,000 gallons with flow rates up to 180 gpm. Enough said. The picture says it all. This is truly the Ultimate Bead Filter. Has all the great features of the AlphaONE LH units without the flow loss issues associated with the water flowing through the Multiport valve.

Item #
AquaBead 2.5 LH Filter from GCTek
$ 1979.95
AquaBead 4.25 LH Filter from GCTek
$ 2195.95
AquaBead 6.0 LH Filter 17000 Gallon
$ 2501.95
AquaBead 9.0 LH Filter 25000 Gallon
$ 3212.95

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AquaBead Filter from GCTek

AquaBead Filter from GCTek

How does GC Tek size bead filters? How do we know how much bio conversion can be accomplished with a bead filter? Is there a standard to go by, or do we just take a look at the co ...
AquaBead X2 Filters

AquaBead X2 Filters

  The AquaBeadX2 solves the age old problem of how to filter a large pond while only using one filter.